Friday, January 25, 2013


Have been Dj'n a ton as of late. I will post more on setting up mixemergency on DDJ-SX and how to get it to work with Serato DJ. Also have info on how to get quartz composer to work and a quick guide on how to edit in it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Video Services (Where to get Videos)

Here are some links to get music videos that are already edited and ready to play. (No Skits,Talking etc)

Video Update TV-This a site that provides quality FREE updates weekly! You must sign up to see the section called Blast.Also a great forum to ask question there about video editing if you choose to go into that.

Subscription Sites: (You must be a working DJ & be in US.) I'm Not sure about other countries. If you have a site that's not included let me know and I will add it.

VJ-Pro-This is a great site to start your collection. They have different packages to start out your videos and have the most formats available. Was the old Smashvidz and has high quality videos.They are on a per credit download.

Club Killers-One of my favorite services. Lots of formats and no watermarks on videos. Not as much videos as VJ-Pro but have a huge selection of mp3 and acapella's! They also have exclusive remixes that will make your sets stand out. "More Killer,Less Filler!"

DTVideo-If you are looking for the latest dance music videos. They have you covered!

Promo Only-Tons of formats to choose from and also provides HD versions of video. They have a vast selection of Old school, Rock etc.


Decided to make this blog for DJs that want to take the step into Video Djing. I get questions daily on where,how,what do I need. I will post basic starting info here to get you started. I will NOT go over how to DJ. It will be a basic guide to hardware,software,setups for clubs,and videos. I will put links on here to help you.